■Melty Kiss


Japanese chocolates are necessary for my life.....
There are a lot of Yummy Japanese chocolates at supermarket, I love all, but if I need to choose only 1, I recommend this the best!

Melty Kiss by Meiji

This one is strawberry filling

I really love it! Melty Kiss contains whipped cream, so very soft and sweet.
(that is why you need to keep it under 23C)

Melty Kiss has some flavors (the pics above are strawberry). You can get at amazon easily...... You should try!

By the way, I found a collaboration of Melty Kiss and Macadamia Chocolate.
Meiji Macadamia Chocolate is also one of my favorite. That Macadamia with that Melty Kiss...
No wonder I got some packs! LOL

Melty Kiss x Macadamia

Yes, Chocolate is melting in my mouth, and macadamia nuts are crispy and not hard at all, .... yeah I should buy much more hehe

Melty Kiss is sold only during winter in Japan, do not miss or you need to wait until next winter....

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Melty Kiss / Meiji Macadamia Chocolate Melty Kiss ver.
*Product Category: Food (Chocolate)
*Product By: Meiji
*Price in Japan: around 200~ 300yen


■Instant Miso Soup

Do you like Miso Soup?
Miso soup is very easy to make, also healthy. I love miso soup very much!

When I was in Japan, I had miso soup almost every evening. Now i do not have it for dinner often but sometimes take it with my lunch!
Miso soup is not for portable, so i use this for lunch :)

Instant Miso Soup with Wakame(Seaweed) by Marukome

There are a lot of instant miso soup, but i got this one because the packet is very small and good for bringing to office.

12 small packs

Good size for taking with lunch!

Easy to slit! Never be irritated!

Also, Marukome's instant miso soup is really low price hehe.
It is only about 100yen! You can also get them at 100yen shop - Daiso near your house might have it also! Price is really cheap, but the taste is enough real miso soup.

I sometimes go to Japanese restaurants in Singapore, they serve miso soup but not really tasty... Maybe they use cheap miso.... Should not be from Japan as well (although its Japanese restaurant!)

If you want to try "real" Japanese miso soup, chose Japanese famous miso brands : Hanamaruki or Marukome.

There are some verities for example:
Shijimi, Asari etc.

Instant miso soup by Marukome: Shijimi

Instant miso soup by hanamaruki: low salt with wakame

Instant miso soup by Marukome: assort

Because it is cheap, the ingredients are not enough much.... but I can tell you, the miso MUST be yummy!

Enjoy your meal with Japanese Miso Soup!

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Sokuseki (Instant) Miso Soup Nama(raw) Miso Type
*Product Category: Beverage (Soup)
*Product By: Marukome/ Mahamaruki
*Price in Japan: around 100yen
*I bought: 88yen in Japan


■Trip to Japan

Hello friends, how are you?

My husband and me went to Japan last week! hadnt back over a year....
We stayed at my parents house, really comfortable!
My parents and sisters, brothers in low, their 2 kids (my nephews) and gramma, all welcomed us and prepared good food as well.
Sushi, Unagi (eel), Gyoza, Oden nabe..... etc etc
Japanese Gyoza

Japanese Oden

We were very happy there!

And my husband and me had a trip to Hakkaido too, actually it was 3rd time for us to visit Hokkaido :p
My husband loves Hokkaido very much, because it is very cool or cold, completely different from Singapore!

In Hokkaido, we went to Sapporo first, stayed 2 nights and also went to Sapporo Beer Museum :D

The guide san is really kind and cute haha!

By the way, Sapporo beer is very famous all over the world, but have you ever heard a product Sapporo Classic?
Sapporo Classic is available only in Hokkaido!
Sapporo Classic - available only in Hokkaido!

We bought 1 box and sent to my parents :)

There is Sapporo Classic Furano Vintage version also, i heard it is very rare! we sent to parents also :)
Sapporo Classic Furano Vintage 2012 - rare even in Hokkaido!

You should try if you have chance to go to Hokkaido~!

After Sapporo, we flied to Hakodate and stayed another 2 days.
The hotel is named Hanabishi Hotel, high quality onsen (hot spring) hotel!
Hanabishi Hotel

Private Onsen in the room

We booked high class room, which has private onsen in the room hehe~
The bathtub is enough big, room is comfortable, and staff is all kind and nice.
The price is not cheap, but we want to stay there again some day. Ooh,,,, need to save money!
Hakodate is familiar with seafood, you can find a lot of fresh seafood around Hakodate station; it has morning fish market. 
We had kaisen don (seafood on rice) there- mine was ikura and salmon, and husbands is crab tempura!
Dinner at hotel, most of them are seafood like kani (crab), sashimi of tuna and salmon, also abalones, etc etc..... Wow, so happy!!!

i also got a lot of Japanese goods like cosmetics or foods, so will introduce them on this blog soon, look forward to new updates!! 


■Slim Walk / Medi Qtto

It is Friday! This week I was so busy, didnt have enough time to have lunch...
I am working in office, most of my working hours im using PC at my desk.
My shoulders, eyes, and neck all got tired and stiff.....

But for me, the biggest problem is my legs!
Since im sitting almost whole day. my legs tired swell. They are very heavy and look bigger.,,,,

So I use this !

Slim Walk socks (For Bedtime)

Wear these before you go to bed, and you feel your legs lighter and freshen up next morning !
I really really recommend these!

care your tired legs

Check your size before you buy

There are a lot of items like this, but some of them dont work well.
You should get Slim walk or Medi Qtto; I tried these and they are comfortable :)

They have other types for example longer ones, tights type etc,
Longer Type For Night

These one you can wear outside.

Tights Type For Outside

Pattern Socks For Office

You can get these at amazon.com ! (click here to jump to amazon)

Hope you like them too :)

====Product Info====
<A>*Product Name: Medi Qtto   /   Slim Walk
*Product Category: Health Care (Socks)
*Product By: Dr. Scholl's   /   PIP
*Price in Japan: around 2,000yen
*I bought: 1,800yen (high socks for night)


■Fasio Eye Liner Pencil

Hi Girls!

Today's my review of my recommendation is Eyeliner!

Do you use eyeliner often? Some of them make your eyes so big, others shows naturally cute.
But for me, the biggest problem is that eyeliners are easy to remove by itself with sweat!
Here Singapore it is always hot...... So I need waterproof one, however most of waterproof eyeliners are too showy for me. I like natural style better!

Even if Summer is already over in your country, you should use waterproof ones since it sometimes too hot in the office or trains, or you perhaps need to run fast to office / school when you get up late!

Anyway, today I recommend this :

Fasio Pencil Eyeliner

(Sorry, im not good at taking photo...)
This pencil eyeliner is "Sports Beauty Series" of Fasio by KOSE, of course it is waterproof.
It is very soft and easy to line your eyes, also makes your eyes show naturally bigger!

This Fasio Pencil Eyeliner has another good point;
I am very lazy and tired of making the pencil sharp often... ( too lazy? haha, but it is so irritating to sharpen it when you hurry, isn't it??)

But No problem! This eyeliner doesn't make you irritated because it is mechanical pencil type!

Just twist the tip, and...

the tip is always ready to draw

There are some color variations, choose your favorite!
I can give you an advice, when you buy eyeliner, choose one which is a bit brighter than your hair color.

For example my hair is now black, so im using "Deep Brown" then my face looks cheerful and healthy~ Also not too much make up!

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Sports Beauty Fasio Pencil Eyeliner D (Waterproof)
*Product Category: cosmetics (Eyeliner)
*Product By: Fasio, KOSE
*Price in Japan: around 1,300yen
*I bought: 1,200yen in Japan



Hello guys!

 I just updated my FAQ page!
Happy if you know about me more.

Thank you!


■BB Mineral Face Powder by Moist Labo

Did you enjoy my article about BB cream?
*If you haven't checked, click here to read!!

As I wrote, the Freshel BB cream is for natural and light make-up.
I do not like to make-up myself too much, but sometimes want more for party or something special!

At that time, I use this -

BB mineral Foundation by Moist Labo!

This is BB powder, not liquid like Freshel.
When I want to make up for special, I use Freshel liquid BB cream first
and then use this BB mineral powder, so that my face looks more shiny :)

This Mineral powder contains mineral (that's why the name is Mineral powder), which
cares your skin while im wearing.
Of course protect your skin from UV! (Yes that is important here in Singapore)
Mineral BB powder makes my face more shiny, brightly, and covers spots or freckles but
looks very natural and not too much make up.

The puff and container is really easy to use
(Sorry it is dirty cause i use a lot already!)

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Moist Labo BB Mineral
*Product Category: cosmetics (base make/Foundation powder)*Product By: Hadairo Cosmetic / Moist Labo
*Price in Japan: around 1,200yen
*I bought: 980yen in Japan


●Koukin Eye Drop

Hello~ How are you guys?
I'm not fine... my left eye is itchy, seems to have a sty...
Whenever I have sty, I use this eye drop :)

Sante Koukin Eye Drop

This type of eye drops work for sty, and you can get better earlier without meeting doctor.
Sante Koukin Eye Drop is really mild type and even children can use without stress.
Actually I dont like eye drops which feels very cool or strong, but I dont feel that when I use Sante Koukin Eye Drop.

It contains zip bag

Of course, it is the best to meet doctor when you have trouble on your eyes, but sometimes you dont have time to go. This type of eye drops are for that time!

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Santen Koukin Megusuri/Eye Drop
*Product Category: Health Care (Eye Drop)
*Product By: Santen
*Price in Japan: around 980yen
*I bought: 980yen in Japan


■Kie Iro PIT Glue (color disappearing glue)

Hi~ Today’s review of kayo’s Favorite is~

Kie Iro PIT Glue by Tombow

Hmm? Do you think it its normal glue?
No no, if you like crafting, you must once try this!

This glue is blue, and easy to see where it put already….

And after dry...
 the blue color disappears!
Yeah, it is like a magic.

I use when I make message card for friends or family (yes I like crafting, but not so good),
And it is also useful to stick my photo on resume or cards.
You know, it is really annoying to stick photos, since they are difficult to stick, so I need to put glues well.
But most of glues are white and I cannot see where I already put or not…

This glue is really easy to see, and no need to worry if I put wrong space as the color will disappear.
Also, this is enough strong!

But actually this one is a bit difficult to use for small space,,, maybe you should use pen-style ones for narrow points.

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Kie iro Pit
*Product Category: Stationery (Glue)
*Product By: Tombow
*Price in Japan: around 100-300yen (depends on the size)
*I bought: 300yen in Japan (size G)


■Freshel BB Cream

Do you know BB cream?
BB cream is face cream, not only for skincare but also works foundation.
Now there are a lot of BB creams at cosmetic store, so I didn’t know what to buy at first time.

After trying some creams, this is the best one – both price and quality!

Freshel White C Mineral BB Cream UV

Some of cheap creams made me look oily skin, and also removed very easily.
But this one appears very naturally although it keeps on my face until I come back home.
(of course I sometimes need to touch up after I sweat a lot)

After toner, put this Freshel BB cream on your face and natural light makeup willl finish.
This Freshel BB Cream works as-

・Skin care liquid
・Skin care lotion
・Skin care cream
・Sunscream(SPF41, PA++)
・Base makeup (if you want to real "makeup" like for party or dating, should use other foundation after using this)
These above are all contained in this 1 cream!
BB cream works for skincare, so less stressful to skins, and also takes only a few minutes to finish :) you can stay in bed longer in the morning :p

*it is available at AMAZON.com

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Freshel White C Mineral BB Cream 50g
*Product Category: cosmetics (base make/Foundation)
*Product By: Kanebo
*Price in Japan: around 1000-1200yen
*I bought: 1200yen in Japan


■Lucido Hair Wax

Today’s kayo’s Faverite is for your hair style;
Lucido Hair Wax

Actually I didn’t like Hair Wax because most of them are sticky, and looks too hard after putting.
But this Lucide Wax series is very light, and can arrange your hair naturally & airy, and not sticky at all.
Also, it’s very soft type so you can rearrange even you cannot make good hair style at first time.

Not sticky and easy to retry!
Yes, as I haven’t been used wax for a long time, it was very difficult but could retry again and again.

I want voluminous hair style, so took this type, but there are alot of veriaty. Choose what you like! And the these designs & colors are very pretty, arent they?

Today's Hit;
When you use wax, do not press your hair down. put the wax mainly on the tip.
And when you tie your hair, put wax BEFORE tie.

From Lucido Web Site
====Product Info====
*Product Name: Lucido L Hair Wax -60g
*Product Category: Hair Care
*Product By: Mandam
*Price in Japan: around 600yen each
*I bought: S$10 in Singapore


■Makanai Cosme

I've just updated my another blog; Kayo's Japanese Omiyage.
The latest article is about Makanai Cosme; my favorite skin care series.
Click Here to read the article about it. If you are in Japan, it worth visiting the shop!

I'm sure I will get them when I will back to Japan next time... Unavailable here in Singapore!


■Frixion- erasable ink

Hello everyone, today’s Kayo’s Favorite is;
Frixion pens from Pilot!

Pilot is one of famous stationary company in the world you know,
But this product is not only that, because….


Frixion is erasable! Amazing! Magic!
The ink color looks normal, but it has secret…. Can be invisible when you rub with the rubber at the top of the pens.
Rub with here to erase 

I use this more often – Frixion highlighter version!

This is really useful.
I often use highlighters when im studying, working etc.
But normal highlighters of course cannot be removed, and always Im annoyed that highlighting on wrong lines.
No problem anymore!

I know one of very good way to use this….
When you study, you must have questions which you always get wrong answers.
Mark these with this Frixion erasable highligter, and you can review again and again.
After you can get right answers every time, just erase the mark with rubber,
Then you can find only those which you haven’t mastered yet!
I review these difficult words...
After I mastered 'grant a wish' and 'corny', just erase with the rubber and i can still review others again and again!

Hopefully by the test or something you can erase all of them.
Let's try ^^

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Frixion
*Product Category: Stationary (pens)
*Product By: Pilot
*Price in Japan: around 100-200yen each
*I bought: 100yen each