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It is Friday! This week I was so busy, didnt have enough time to have lunch...
I am working in office, most of my working hours im using PC at my desk.
My shoulders, eyes, and neck all got tired and stiff.....

But for me, the biggest problem is my legs!
Since im sitting almost whole day. my legs tired swell. They are very heavy and look bigger.,,,,

So I use this !

Slim Walk socks (For Bedtime)

Wear these before you go to bed, and you feel your legs lighter and freshen up next morning !
I really really recommend these!

care your tired legs

Check your size before you buy

There are a lot of items like this, but some of them dont work well.
You should get Slim walk or Medi Qtto; I tried these and they are comfortable :)

They have other types for example longer ones, tights type etc,
Longer Type For Night

These one you can wear outside.

Tights Type For Outside

Pattern Socks For Office

You can get these at amazon.com ! (click here to jump to amazon)

Hope you like them too :)

====Product Info====
<A>*Product Name: Medi Qtto   /   Slim Walk
*Product Category: Health Care (Socks)
*Product By: Dr. Scholl's   /   PIP
*Price in Japan: around 2,000yen
*I bought: 1,800yen (high socks for night)

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