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Hi everyone, thank you for visiting here; Kayo's favorite!
At most countries, Summer is coming soon (already has come?), but here Singapore is always summer you know!
So... are you ready for protecting your skin from UV?
I will introduce my favorite skin care lotion today; Senka facial lotion :)
As you know, after you get alot of UV, freckles or spots will be made on your skin so you should use sunscrean everytime go out.
..... Do you think im using everytime?
No! im lazzy!
But i have a good product :)
Senka Whitening Facial Lotion by Shiseido

The cap is really comfortable to use

this product has 2 type; Shittori(moist) and Sappari(refresh).
You can choose which you like :) im using Sappari type anyway.
AND! it works your face whiter, brighter, and avoid being made freckles!
Im using it every morning and night.

====Moist====      ====Refresh====
  the cap colors are different

this series has another version, which are more moist

Did you know?
Even if you buy expensive high quality lotion, if you use only a bit, it doesnt work!
If you think of saving money, i recommend you to get lower price ones and use alot everyday.
It will work more than using expensive one only a bit.

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Senka Facial whitening lotion
*Product by: Senka by Shiseido
*Prodct Category: Skin Care (lotion)
*Normal Price in Japan: around 798yen
*I bought:  698yen in Japan

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