■Softymo Speedy Cleansing Liquid

Hello all, how are you?
Today's my recomended japanese goods is :

 Softymo speedy Cleansing Liquid

It's like almost water
Did you know, its more important for you to remove make-up than using tonner or creams on face?
If you don't remove your makeup well, skin-cares don't work at all!

This product removes your makeup gently, and you can use it even during wearing your false eyelashes or eyelashes extention!
Actually most of cleansings contain oil, so you should unwear your false eyelashes or eyelish extention before using so that it doesn't damage, but this product is oil free, so you don't need to worry about it.

Also, this cleansing liquid removes not only makeup but also stains etc from your face.
Perhaps you can feel very clean after use this.

When you remove your makeup, never rub your skin strongly!!
It causes trouble on your face, especially under your eyes.....
that part is very sensitive, so just do like massage very softly there.
====Product Info====
*Product Name: Softymo Speedy Cleansing Liquid
*Prodct Category: Skin Care (make up remover)
*Product By: Kose
*Normal Price in Japan: around 980yen
*Bargain Price in Japan: around 598~798yen
*I bought:  698yen (Bought in Japan)
+Price depends on times and conditions


  1. Hello! thanks for your rewiew on this product. I'm looking for information about it because, unfortunately, i cant find information in English on official web site Softymo. Could you tell to me, shall I wash the face after using it with other cleansing foam or liquid. Thank alot

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment Ms Adamas! and sorry for late reply.
      Its your choice washing your face or not after using this cleansing. But if you wash, use mild foam so that you wont wash your face too much.
      this is very mild :)

  2. Sorry, I didnt't introduce myself. My name is Olga, I m from Russia. Now I live in Taiwan, so I have a good chance to buy and use japanese goods. But, as I wrote, I couldn't find correct infromation about janapese goods, I wrote on russian web sites, but it was different from one another. So let me say you "thank you" one more time. I'll wait new rewiews from you about japanese goods.

  3. Thank you Ms. Olga, Im really happy you like my blog.
    My english is poor, and I write blog slowly, but I will try my best.
    Hope you enjoy my blog:) And comments are always welcomed!

  4. Nice review.. I've been wanting to try another kose softymo cleansing and happens to stumble on your blog.


    1. Thank you Ms. Sekar! I really love softymo and Fasio series by kose... :D Hope we can share a lot of information about such cosmetics !!

  5. Hello! I'm from Brazil and it's difficult to find correct information in English about this product.
    Could you give me a little information? How can I use this product, with cotton pad or the same way I use an oil cleansing (dry face)?

    1. thank you for the comment, and sorry for my late reply!
      You do not need cotton puds or something like that, just use your hand and finger :)