Hello everyone, my name is Kayo :)
Here is 'Kayo's Favorite', where i will introduce Japanese inexpensive products.
As this is my first article, so let me introduce myself.

Im a Japanese girl who is living in Singapore with my husband.
He is a Singaporean, but we talk always in Japanese each other since my English is poor….
So please turn a blind eye to my grammatical/ spell mistakes!! Thanks :)

Most of Japanese who is living in Singapore are rich, but we are not T_T
I came to Singapore at the end of 2011, and soon after that I started working at Japanese company.
We are saving money now for our future, so cannot spend too much money.
But still want a lot of fashion goods, cosmetics, snacks etc etc…. especially Japanese products!
Yes, my husband also loves Japan, so we often go shopping and get Japanese inexpensive ones ^^

Japanese products all expensive, you think?
Some goods don’t cost so much, although the quality is high enough.
I will introduce that kind of things here from now.

I hope everyone all over the world read and like my blog.


  1. You need a "follow" button =) I'm enjoying your blog!

    1. Thank you Handmade cuties san!
      I added the botton now~ Im really happy you like my blog.