■My Favorite Japanese Brands

Hello friends :)
Now I'd like to start introduction of Japanese Inexpensive products.
First of all, I will tell you which Japanese brands are good......

SKII? Dr C:Labo? Elixir?

Yes... they are really "High" quality but the price is also "High" haha....

After considering my budget, my favorites brands are these blow;

          Chifure cosmetic products are very gentle on your skin
          since the are made without any artificial perfumes and colorings.
          Kose has many kinds of brands, some are very high class and others are low price.
          Fasio is one of the best inexpensive brand of Kose.
  • CEZANNE-Cosmetic brand *Japanese language site only
          Cezanne cosmetics are for natural makeup i guess.
          Most of the products don't have strong colour, so if you use them,
          your nacked skin looks much more beautiful.
          Sun Houseki is poplar among Japanese school girls.
          It has accesarries, cosmes, clothes, all of fashion things.
          Actually the Quality is not so good, but the price is unbelievable low!!
          Some of them are childish(especially cosmetics), but others cute and can be used by even adults.
          Perhaps you all know the name, Daiso.
          Daiso products are mainly made in Asian counties and actually the quality is not high.
          But some of them are so useful and long lasting.
          If there are any Daiso Shops near your house, it is worth visiting and seeing around.

Wow! I wrote too much!
If some people ask me questions or requests, I will answer ^^ Please comment if you have.

Thank you!

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