■Yabukita Green Tea

How are you everyone?
Today i would like to introduce my recommended Japanese green tea.
Maybe you can see green tea at supermarket, but it must contain suger or milk!
No Japanese add anything into green tea...... I was also surprised when i saw that kind of tea outside of Japan.
Why you add suger? Maybe because it's too bitter for you?
But! there are "sweet" japanese tea nothing added like suger.
The sweetness comes from tea itself so different from the taste of suger,
but its really delicious and i like it - Yabukita tea, one of the brand of Japanese green tea.

I especially like tea bagged green tea- cause i dont need a tea pot :p
this is my favorite one;

Yabukita blended green tea bag 

Each tea bag is packed individually.
put a tea bag into a cup and wait 30seconds. after that, swing the bag 10 times and remove the bag.
when you share with 2-3people, put 2bags into tea pot and enjoy tea time.

The color looks dark, but its not so bitter.
Sweetness comes from the tea itself

This product is made from 100% japanese green tea leaf.

If you want to check the detail or try, click the image pic below to go to Rakuten internet shop. (I couldnt find at amazon!)

*the site above is only in Japanese. If you need English site, click here (the same shop)
but the english is poor.... cause its automatic translation

By the way, do you know the defferences between Japanese green tea and Chinese oolong tea for your body?
Green tea effect your body cold, and oolong tea make you warm.
So im always drinking oolong tea in stead of this favorite green tea at office where the aircon is so strong and cold!

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Yabukita Blend Green tea Bag (50bags)
*Product by: Harada
*Prodct Category: Beverage (tea bag)
*Normal Price in Japan: around 400-500yen
*I bought:  S$7.20 at discount store ;)


  1. In case my earlier doesn't reach you as I didn't click my Google account, here my comments.
    My husband and I love green tea, Chinese and Japanese.

    We were surprise when we drank Yabukita green tea bags ( 50 at about /S$6 from Fairprice supermarket ) for the first time this morning. So I goggled to learn more about Yabukita and found your website. Thanks.

    Renowned tea sellers shared with us that Japanese don't like Chinese green tea ( we like the one from Hangzhou's Longchingchia plantation ) as it's light and Chinese don't like Japanese's as it's thick.

    We enjoy both it they are good.

    We also like yuzu but they are expensive in Singapore. Where can we find good ones in Singapore, in any form eg cakes, tea, juice?

    1. Hi Lindy, thank you for your comment and sorry for late reply.
      In Singapore, Meidi-ya in Liang court has a lot of Japanese goods as it is Japanese supermarket. Also, "Yama~~something" (Sorry i forgot the name) is a Japanese supermarket too. its in @central at clarke quay.
      But both expensive...., anyway the items are from Japan directly.