Q1. Are you really a Japanese?

Yes, sure!!!! I am 100% Japanese; dad and mum are Japanese. I was living in Singapore for 2 years but now Im in Japan with my husband!

Q2. Why were you living in Singapore?

Because my husband is a Singaporean!

Q3. Where to buy good Japanese goods outside of Japan?

This G.H.R Japan shop is really reliable, delivers directly from Japan to worldwide.
You can request anything here also!
Actually the owner is a friend of mine :D

Q4.  I am visiting Japan. What souvenirs are good to get for friends?

I am happy you like Japan and visiting!
I have another blog about Japanese Omiyage (souvenirs), it must be helpful for you!

Q5. Can I ask something about Japanese goods?

Sure! You can ask anything about Japanese products, also about me from Contact Me page, or add me on Google+


  1. Happened to find your blog when I was checking out reviews on 'Yabukita Blend Tokuyo Ryokucha'! Just bought it awhile ago after reading your review. Tried Green Tea for the friest time about 5 years ago when I was at Sakae Sushi.. Didn't like it actually... (Though I love Japan and Japanese things, I hated myself for hating the Green Tea)
    Anyway, will be trying the one I bought just now later tonight. (2nd time trying)
    I hope I'll love it!

    P.S. Your blog has caught my eye, so will be following you from now on! (:
    My dream was to come to Japan, work and live there. Not sure if it's possible..

  2. Hi, thank you and sorry for my late reply,
    Hope you can come to japan soon, cause yen is now cheaper!
    I also have another blog abou japan, hope you like it.