■Instant Miso Soup

Do you like Miso Soup?
Miso soup is very easy to make, also healthy. I love miso soup very much!

When I was in Japan, I had miso soup almost every evening. Now i do not have it for dinner often but sometimes take it with my lunch!
Miso soup is not for portable, so i use this for lunch :)

Instant Miso Soup with Wakame(Seaweed) by Marukome

There are a lot of instant miso soup, but i got this one because the packet is very small and good for bringing to office.

12 small packs

Good size for taking with lunch!

Easy to slit! Never be irritated!

Also, Marukome's instant miso soup is really low price hehe.
It is only about 100yen! You can also get them at 100yen shop - Daiso near your house might have it also! Price is really cheap, but the taste is enough real miso soup.

I sometimes go to Japanese restaurants in Singapore, they serve miso soup but not really tasty... Maybe they use cheap miso.... Should not be from Japan as well (although its Japanese restaurant!)

If you want to try "real" Japanese miso soup, chose Japanese famous miso brands : Hanamaruki or Marukome.

There are some verities for example:
Shijimi, Asari etc.

Instant miso soup by Marukome: Shijimi

Instant miso soup by hanamaruki: low salt with wakame

Instant miso soup by Marukome: assort

Because it is cheap, the ingredients are not enough much.... but I can tell you, the miso MUST be yummy!

Enjoy your meal with Japanese Miso Soup!

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Sokuseki (Instant) Miso Soup Nama(raw) Miso Type
*Product Category: Beverage (Soup)
*Product By: Marukome/ Mahamaruki
*Price in Japan: around 100yen
*I bought: 88yen in Japan

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  1. Wah it is cool. I thought I am the only one who buy this. I am not very good about Japanese food brand. However after reading your blog, I am glad I got it from Diaso!