■Trip to Japan

Hello friends, how are you?

My husband and me went to Japan last week! hadnt back over a year....
We stayed at my parents house, really comfortable!
My parents and sisters, brothers in low, their 2 kids (my nephews) and gramma, all welcomed us and prepared good food as well.
Sushi, Unagi (eel), Gyoza, Oden nabe..... etc etc
Japanese Gyoza

Japanese Oden

We were very happy there!

And my husband and me had a trip to Hakkaido too, actually it was 3rd time for us to visit Hokkaido :p
My husband loves Hokkaido very much, because it is very cool or cold, completely different from Singapore!

In Hokkaido, we went to Sapporo first, stayed 2 nights and also went to Sapporo Beer Museum :D

The guide san is really kind and cute haha!

By the way, Sapporo beer is very famous all over the world, but have you ever heard a product Sapporo Classic?
Sapporo Classic is available only in Hokkaido!
Sapporo Classic - available only in Hokkaido!

We bought 1 box and sent to my parents :)

There is Sapporo Classic Furano Vintage version also, i heard it is very rare! we sent to parents also :)
Sapporo Classic Furano Vintage 2012 - rare even in Hokkaido!

You should try if you have chance to go to Hokkaido~!

After Sapporo, we flied to Hakodate and stayed another 2 days.
The hotel is named Hanabishi Hotel, high quality onsen (hot spring) hotel!
Hanabishi Hotel

Private Onsen in the room

We booked high class room, which has private onsen in the room hehe~
The bathtub is enough big, room is comfortable, and staff is all kind and nice.
The price is not cheap, but we want to stay there again some day. Ooh,,,, need to save money!
Hakodate is familiar with seafood, you can find a lot of fresh seafood around Hakodate station; it has morning fish market. 
We had kaisen don (seafood on rice) there- mine was ikura and salmon, and husbands is crab tempura!
Dinner at hotel, most of them are seafood like kani (crab), sashimi of tuna and salmon, also abalones, etc etc..... Wow, so happy!!!

i also got a lot of Japanese goods like cosmetics or foods, so will introduce them on this blog soon, look forward to new updates!! 

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