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Hi Girls!

Today's my review of my recommendation is Eyeliner!

Do you use eyeliner often? Some of them make your eyes so big, others shows naturally cute.
But for me, the biggest problem is that eyeliners are easy to remove by itself with sweat!
Here Singapore it is always hot...... So I need waterproof one, however most of waterproof eyeliners are too showy for me. I like natural style better!

Even if Summer is already over in your country, you should use waterproof ones since it sometimes too hot in the office or trains, or you perhaps need to run fast to office / school when you get up late!

Anyway, today I recommend this :

Fasio Pencil Eyeliner

(Sorry, im not good at taking photo...)
This pencil eyeliner is "Sports Beauty Series" of Fasio by KOSE, of course it is waterproof.
It is very soft and easy to line your eyes, also makes your eyes show naturally bigger!

This Fasio Pencil Eyeliner has another good point;
I am very lazy and tired of making the pencil sharp often... ( too lazy? haha, but it is so irritating to sharpen it when you hurry, isn't it??)

But No problem! This eyeliner doesn't make you irritated because it is mechanical pencil type!

Just twist the tip, and...

the tip is always ready to draw

There are some color variations, choose your favorite!
I can give you an advice, when you buy eyeliner, choose one which is a bit brighter than your hair color.

For example my hair is now black, so im using "Deep Brown" then my face looks cheerful and healthy~ Also not too much make up!

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Sports Beauty Fasio Pencil Eyeliner D (Waterproof)
*Product Category: cosmetics (Eyeliner)
*Product By: Fasio, KOSE
*Price in Japan: around 1,300yen
*I bought: 1,200yen in Japan

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