■Melty Kiss


Japanese chocolates are necessary for my life.....
There are a lot of Yummy Japanese chocolates at supermarket, I love all, but if I need to choose only 1, I recommend this the best!

Melty Kiss by Meiji

This one is strawberry filling

I really love it! Melty Kiss contains whipped cream, so very soft and sweet.
(that is why you need to keep it under 23C)

Melty Kiss has some flavors (the pics above are strawberry). You can get at amazon easily...... You should try!

By the way, I found a collaboration of Melty Kiss and Macadamia Chocolate.
Meiji Macadamia Chocolate is also one of my favorite. That Macadamia with that Melty Kiss...
No wonder I got some packs! LOL

Melty Kiss x Macadamia

Yes, Chocolate is melting in my mouth, and macadamia nuts are crispy and not hard at all, .... yeah I should buy much more hehe

Melty Kiss is sold only during winter in Japan, do not miss or you need to wait until next winter....

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Melty Kiss / Meiji Macadamia Chocolate Melty Kiss ver.
*Product Category: Food (Chocolate)
*Product By: Meiji
*Price in Japan: around 200~ 300yen

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