■Ashi Yubi Sara Sara Cream- For your toes care

Hello guys! Sorry I haven’t written recently, I was so busy...
Now I got time finally and start introduction my favorite Japanese stuff :D

Since summer has come, I introduced Senka Skincare Lotion last time.
But only face cares do you need?

In summer, another problem you know....?
Yes, bad smells because of sweat !!!

We should care it too, but how?

Here is the solution;

Ashi Yubi Sara Sara Cream by Deonatulle

Ashi Yubi means, toes, and Sara Sara means silky.
Now you got what it is for ;)

In summer, your feet sweat about 1cup of glass every day!
Where it goes? If it keeps staying in your shoes, what will happen?
You must know the answer!

This Ashi Yubi Sara Sara Cream make your feet fingers dry and clean.
For the first time, I was really surprised when i took off my shoes at night.

The cream is less waterly.

There are alot of veriations, even for Mens :) Present them to your BF?

From The left; For under Arms, For Men's Toes, For Men's Under Arms

Did you know by the way?
If you are afraid of athlete’s foot / tinea, just try wash your foot as soon as you get back home.
It takes about 24hours that the pathogen make your feet disease, so just wash your feet well every day
No need to wash a lot of time in a day…. But don’t forget to wash between the fingers too!
Its very easy, isn’t it?

====Product Info=====
*Product Name: Ashi Yubi Sara Sara Cream
*Prodct Category: Foot Care / Deodorant
*Product By: Deonatulle
*Normal Price in Japan: around 980yen
*Bargain Price in Japan: around 698yen
*I bought: 798yen

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