■Frixion- erasable ink

Hello everyone, today’s Kayo’s Favorite is;
Frixion pens from Pilot!

Pilot is one of famous stationary company in the world you know,
But this product is not only that, because….


Frixion is erasable! Amazing! Magic!
The ink color looks normal, but it has secret…. Can be invisible when you rub with the rubber at the top of the pens.
Rub with here to erase 

I use this more often – Frixion highlighter version!

This is really useful.
I often use highlighters when im studying, working etc.
But normal highlighters of course cannot be removed, and always Im annoyed that highlighting on wrong lines.
No problem anymore!

I know one of very good way to use this….
When you study, you must have questions which you always get wrong answers.
Mark these with this Frixion erasable highligter, and you can review again and again.
After you can get right answers every time, just erase the mark with rubber,
Then you can find only those which you haven’t mastered yet!
I review these difficult words...
After I mastered 'grant a wish' and 'corny', just erase with the rubber and i can still review others again and again!

Hopefully by the test or something you can erase all of them.
Let's try ^^

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Frixion
*Product Category: Stationary (pens)
*Product By: Pilot
*Price in Japan: around 100-200yen each
*I bought: 100yen each

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