■Essential Damage Care Treatment Oil

Hello, guys! Today's my recommended Japanese product is;

Essential Damage Care - Treatmentoil

Do you remember that i introduced the same series of shampoo and conditioner the other day?
(click here to show details if you miss the article!)
This is the hair care goods for damaged hair.

clear liquid with good fregrance

This Essential Damage Care Oil is for very damaged hair, like permed or colored hair.
Even if it's cute curl or color, the hair is very damaged, its not cute anymore dont you think?
This product's tag line is, "the tip15cm will make you cuter!"
Just take 2-3 push on your hand and put onto your hair- especially the tips after remove wetness from your hair by towl. No need to rinse.
It's best to use before using hair dryer, or before going outside, because they protect your hair from heatness or UV.
Did you know?
There are 2 types of hair care treatment
- 1.using after condtioner and wash it away in bath room
- 2.using after bath time or anytime and no need to wash it away
No.2 is more effective, because the treatment stays on your hair longer!
This Essential Damage Care Treatment is of course the type 2!

====Product Info=====
*Product Name: Essential Damage Care Treatment / Hair mask
*Prodct Category: Hair Care (treatment/ hairmask)
*Product By: Kao
*Normal Price in Japan: around 980yen
*Bargain Price in Japan: around 798yen
*I bought: S$12

Essential Damage Care Oil and Treatment Series 

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