■Facial Care Tool

Is your nose clean? Have black head and oily?
Today's recommended product is very useful tool for the problem!

Do you know how to use this?
Hint:This stick has loop at the top.

Answer! You can use this tool to remove dirt from your nose!
You just push softly and your dirt come from your nose.

I bought in Daiso shop, and my husband asked me another one for himself! lol
Now we are both cleaning our nose together at night ;p

I bought in DAISO but its sold everywhere, also available at amazon :)

Today's Hint!
Don't remove your oil too much from your skin!
You maybe dont like oily skin, but if you remove too much, your skin will be oily more and more.
Our skin needs oil, so if you remove too much, the body make oil more in order to protect yourself.

So, dont use this tool everyday! Around 1-2 times a week is enough.
And use lotion/ tonner after that so that your skin wont be too dry.

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Facial Care Tool / Nose Dirt Remover etc
*Prodct Category: Skin Care (dirt remover)
*Normal Price in Japan: around 100yen-500yen
*I bought:  100yen (in Japan) S$2(in Singapore) -from Daiso

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