■Essential Damage Care Shampoo

My first recommended Inexpensive Japanese product is this!

Essential damage care shampoo and conditioner
(Nuance airy)

I have been using this Essential damage care shampoo for many years, from school days in Japan.
It cares your hair damage by UV, colouring, or permanent wave, and smells very sweet after washing as well.
Essential damage care shampoo
milky opalescent^^

Essential damage care Conditioner
less watery than shampoo

By the way, I have a suggestion for you about washing your hair.
"Shampoo is for head, Conditioner is for hair"

Actually shampoo is to clean your head skin, and conditioner is to cure your damaged hair, did you know?
So when you wash your hair, use shampoo mainly on your head skin with massage,
then conditioner on your dameged part like tips.
When you use shampoo, never scratch your skin with your nail! It couses some trouble on your head skin, and might lose alot of hair....
So, uses your tip finger to wash.
If you like the products, they are available on amazon :)

My favorite is now nuance airy, because i got permanent wave on my hair,
but before that I was using rich premier version below

if your hair is straight, rich premier type is recommended ;)

====Product Info=====
*Product Name: Essential Damage Care - Nuance Airy / Rich Premier
*Prodct Category: Shampoo and Conditioner
*Product By: Kao
*Normal Price in Japan: around 798yen each (not set of shampoo and conditioner)
*Bargain Price in Japan: around 398~498yen each(not set)
*I bought: S$8.50each (not set) <- it was big bargain because its old desegin version.
+Price depends on times and conditions

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  1. I think I sound crazy since I can buy in Singapore and you know what I actually bought these during my Japan trip last Dec. Why was I buying it from Japan? Because it is new formula! :p On top of that it is cheaper in Japan! Thank you for posting. Now I know where I can buy good and affordable Japanese products in SG now. - Angie