■BB Mineral Face Powder by Moist Labo

Did you enjoy my article about BB cream?
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As I wrote, the Freshel BB cream is for natural and light make-up.
I do not like to make-up myself too much, but sometimes want more for party or something special!

At that time, I use this -

BB mineral Foundation by Moist Labo!

This is BB powder, not liquid like Freshel.
When I want to make up for special, I use Freshel liquid BB cream first
and then use this BB mineral powder, so that my face looks more shiny :)

This Mineral powder contains mineral (that's why the name is Mineral powder), which
cares your skin while im wearing.
Of course protect your skin from UV! (Yes that is important here in Singapore)
Mineral BB powder makes my face more shiny, brightly, and covers spots or freckles but
looks very natural and not too much make up.

The puff and container is really easy to use
(Sorry it is dirty cause i use a lot already!)

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Moist Labo BB Mineral
*Product Category: cosmetics (base make/Foundation powder)*Product By: Hadairo Cosmetic / Moist Labo
*Price in Japan: around 1,200yen
*I bought: 980yen in Japan

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