●Koukin Eye Drop

Hello~ How are you guys?
I'm not fine... my left eye is itchy, seems to have a sty...
Whenever I have sty, I use this eye drop :)

Sante Koukin Eye Drop

This type of eye drops work for sty, and you can get better earlier without meeting doctor.
Sante Koukin Eye Drop is really mild type and even children can use without stress.
Actually I dont like eye drops which feels very cool or strong, but I dont feel that when I use Sante Koukin Eye Drop.

It contains zip bag

Of course, it is the best to meet doctor when you have trouble on your eyes, but sometimes you dont have time to go. This type of eye drops are for that time!

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Santen Koukin Megusuri/Eye Drop
*Product Category: Health Care (Eye Drop)
*Product By: Santen
*Price in Japan: around 980yen
*I bought: 980yen in Japan


  1. Hi, do you know if is this available in Sinagpore?

    1. i could not find this in Singapore, so got one via amazon :)

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