■Kie Iro PIT Glue (color disappearing glue)

Hi~ Today’s review of kayo’s Favorite is~

Kie Iro PIT Glue by Tombow

Hmm? Do you think it its normal glue?
No no, if you like crafting, you must once try this!

This glue is blue, and easy to see where it put already….

And after dry...
 the blue color disappears!
Yeah, it is like a magic.

I use when I make message card for friends or family (yes I like crafting, but not so good),
And it is also useful to stick my photo on resume or cards.
You know, it is really annoying to stick photos, since they are difficult to stick, so I need to put glues well.
But most of glues are white and I cannot see where I already put or not…

This glue is really easy to see, and no need to worry if I put wrong space as the color will disappear.
Also, this is enough strong!

But actually this one is a bit difficult to use for small space,,, maybe you should use pen-style ones for narrow points.

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Kie iro Pit
*Product Category: Stationery (Glue)
*Product By: Tombow
*Price in Japan: around 100-300yen (depends on the size)
*I bought: 300yen in Japan (size G)

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