■Freshel BB Cream

Do you know BB cream?
BB cream is face cream, not only for skincare but also works foundation.
Now there are a lot of BB creams at cosmetic store, so I didn’t know what to buy at first time.

After trying some creams, this is the best one – both price and quality!

Freshel White C Mineral BB Cream UV

Some of cheap creams made me look oily skin, and also removed very easily.
But this one appears very naturally although it keeps on my face until I come back home.
(of course I sometimes need to touch up after I sweat a lot)

After toner, put this Freshel BB cream on your face and natural light makeup willl finish.
This Freshel BB Cream works as-

・Skin care liquid
・Skin care lotion
・Skin care cream
・Sunscream(SPF41, PA++)
・Base makeup (if you want to real "makeup" like for party or dating, should use other foundation after using this)
These above are all contained in this 1 cream!
BB cream works for skincare, so less stressful to skins, and also takes only a few minutes to finish :) you can stay in bed longer in the morning :p

*it is available at AMAZON.com

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Freshel White C Mineral BB Cream 50g
*Product Category: cosmetics (base make/Foundation)
*Product By: Kanebo
*Price in Japan: around 1000-1200yen
*I bought: 1200yen in Japan

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