■Harinacs - Stapleless Stapler

Have you ever heard of "Harinacs"?

It is a kind of staplers but not a normal one. Do you know why?

This product named Harinacs is Stapleless Stapler, you do not need needles to use!

When you use a normal stapler, you need to remove the needles before putting documents into  a shredder. Also, the needles are sometimes dangerous for kids and babies.

To solve the problem, Harinacs has been made. Harinacs cut the paper and file the documents without needles.

It is very safe and used a lot of places like elementary schools, hospitals, and also offices.

It also does not need to refill the staple supply, once you buy one, it can be used without any options. Besides, if you use 2 hole type Harinacs, you can file into 2 hole type filing!

Official Video (Harinacs Compact type)

They are very useful, aren't they??

====Product Info====
*Product Name: Harinacs
*Product Category: Stationary
*Product By: Kokuyo
*Price in Japan: around 500- 4000 yen (Depends on the type)

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